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SBA Mission Statement

"To create a better world through sustainable, community-based biodiesel"





SBA Profile

The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (SBA) is a non-profit organization created to promote sustainable biodiesel practices, including the harvesting, production and distribution of biodiesel fuels.  The ultimate goal is to create best practice standards for verifying that all points in the production and distribution chain are in compliance with the SBA’s certification standards. 

The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (SBA) was founded in December 2006 by biodiesel advocates Kelly King, Annie Nelson and Daryl Hannah, as well as members of the sustainable biodiesel community.  Since our creation, the Alliance has grown to include family farmers and farm organizations such as Farm Aid, the Institute for Agriculture Trade and Policy (IATP), members of the 25 x 25 coalition, environmental organizations, renewable energy experts and a wide array of groups.

The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance focuses on educating the public about how sustainable biodiesel can help the U.S. move towards a sustainable energy future. In addition, the SBA is facilitating a multi-stakeholder dialogue involving family farmers, environmental groups, biofuels experts, urban communities and others in order to create a seal that will certify sustainably produced biodiesel.

By working with the farmer who grows the feedstock, the producers who process biodiesel and communities seeking cleaner air, green jobs and energy security, SBA is bringing people together to build a sustainable energy future that benefits all sectors of society.