Welcome to the Sustainable Biodiesel Community

Welcome to the Sustainable Biodiesel Community, where the SBA will be telling stories of how people are working together to create a more healthy and sustainable environment to benefit their community.

Making a switch from the petroleum diesel status quo to a renewable, local alternative in school buses, city fleets, emergency services and home heating are all simple steps communities are taking across the country. These are just a couple of ways that communities are helping  improve local economies, community health, and air quality.

The Sustainable Biodiesel Community Blog will showcase alternative energy options and initiatives happening all around us that are making the planet more sustainable for future generations.

The SBA is working toward a Sustainable Biodiesel Certification program that will highlight the work of biodiesel producers, distributors and retailers who are taking the extra steps to operate with environmental and community impact in mind. This certification will help educate consumers to prefer a local, sustainable product and push purchasing choices in the direction of a local, renewable product.

The biodiesel community is full of inspiring stories that will be shared through the Sustainable Biodiesel Community, so please check back with soon.

If you have an inspiring story to tell about steps your community has taken to become more sustainable please email us at infoadmin@fuelresponsibly.org so we can share it with the rest of the Sustainable Biodiesel Community.

SBAadminWelcome to the Sustainable Biodiesel Community