Sustainable Biodiesel Conducts National Auditor Search

The SBA seeks third-party professionals for sustainability audits

The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance is searching for professional auditors in the United States who can perform sustainable biodiesel certification audits and is requesting CVs from qualified auditors. Recognizing the need for objective environmental and sustainability standards within the US Biodiesel Industry, the SBA has created an independent third-party certification process and branding system for the production, distribution and sale of sustainable biodiesel. In order for businesses to complete this certification process they must be a member of the SBA and complete an independent third party audit of their business using SBA guidelines and metrics.

“Auditing biodiesel production facilities is rewarding as you will be involved in a program that documents and reinforces the importance of sustainability,” said Kent Bullard, SBA Secretary and Certification Committee Member.

In order to keep costs as low as possible for potential certified biodiesel businesses, the SBA is seeking CVs from qualified Auditor candidates across the country in order to develop a database of local or regional resources for certification candidates. Approved auditors will be added to the SBA resource database of professionals eligible to bid on future certification audits for SBA Business Members.

CVs will be accepted and reviewed by the SBA Board of Directors Certification Committee on an ongoing basis. Prior to submitting auditing bids, all auditors must be approved by the SBA. All CVs can be submitted to SBA Administrator Shauna Watt at

Auditor Requirements:

Potential auditors must provide the following minimum requirements

• Environmental ISO14 ISO9 (services and production)

• BQ9000 biodiesel or equivalent experience

• Experience in auditing recycling of grease, waste, agriculture, etc.

• Degree with focus on renewable fuel production or sustainability

• Continuing education in updated standards and technologies

For more information on the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance visit or contact the SBA directly at (512) 410-7841 or by email communication at

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