About The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance


The SBA was founded to support and encourage sustainable production and use of the renewable fuel biodiesel. In 2006, founders, Kelly King, Daryl Hannah and Annie Nelson formed the 501(c)3 non profit to develop tools for biodiesel stakeholders to evaluate the fuel and create a certification system for sustainable biodiesel.

The primary mission of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance is the completion of an independent sustainability certification system for U.S. Biodiesel Feedstock, Production, Distribution and end use fuel.

SBA programs focus on educating the public on the values of community-based biodiesel systems and how local, sustainable biodiesel can help the U.S. move towards energy, economic and environmental security.

Third, the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance provides tools for sustainability to biodiesel consumers and the biodiesel industry through our website and membership. By working with biodiesel consumers and the biodiesel industry, and promoting the value of sustainable community-based biodiesel, the SBA is bringing people together to build a sustainable energy future that benefits all sectors of society.


In 2008 the SBA released the Baseline Practices for Sustainability (BPS). This document was created through a workgroup process made up of forty two industry stakeholders, academics and government representatives. The BPS was the first document of its kind to outline sustainable practices for the biodiesel industry.

In 2009 the BPS was developed into a checklist to be used in scoring biodiesel consumed by fleets nation wide. This pilot testing evaluated over four hundred thousand gallons of fuel on sustainability criteria including environmental, social and economic impacts on regional communities.

In 2011 the SBA teamed up with Green Circle Certified to create a certification process. based on the BPS and pilot testing, to evaluate and brand sustainable biodiesel production and use.

In 2013 the SBA officially launched the Sustainable Biodiesel Certification. This certification evaluate and scores biodiesel production and use throughout the supply chain. Entities that may engage in certification include biodiesel producers, distributors and end users. This certification system has been set in place to validate that biodiesel being used, distributed or produced by a company meets the sustainability objectives of the participating stakeholders.

Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance Board of Directors:

Kelly-King-BIO-PIC-(FINAL) Kelly King, Chair – Vice President of Pacific Biodiesel Technologies, co-founded the renewable fuel company with her husband Robert King in 1995. Pacific Biodiesel was originally created to alleviate waste cooking oil from Maui’s landfills and is America’s oldest commercial biodiesel company.

In 2006, with Daryl Hannah and Willie and Annie Nelson, Kelly founded the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, a national non-profit piloting a certification process for sustainable biodiesel practices. Kelly has worked with many local non-profits and served as elected Maui Representative on the Hawaii State Board of Education from 1994-98. She currently chairs the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance and is also active in the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum, and serves on the boards of the Hawaii Renewable Energy Alliance, High Technology Development Corporation (appointed by Gov. Ige) and the UHMC Sustainable Sciences Management Program.

JPpicJeff Plowman, Vice-Chair – Jeff Plowman has been involved with the development of the biodiesel industry since 2000 and has worked in all areas of the biodiesel industry including feedstock development, biodiesel production, marketing and distribution. Jeff was formerly President of Austin Biofuels and in 2003 opened the first biodiesel retail station in Texas. The former Executive Director of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (2007-2011) Jeff joined the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance’s Board of Directors after stepping down as the Executive Director of the organization.

Mike-Nasi-BIO-PIC-(FINAL)Mike Nasi, Treasurer – Mike is a partner with the Law Firm Jackson Walker in Austin, Texas. His practice focuses on air quality, waste and injection well permitting, soil and groundwater remediation, industrial waste water, and surface mining. He has been a biodiesel supporter and user since 2005.


Mike-Bowman-BIO-PIC-(FINAL)Michael Bowman – Michael is a fifth-generation Coloradoan, born and raised on the family farm and ranch in Yuma County, Colorado. He is a National Steering Committee member for “25x’25”, and in 2006 he served as Chair of Colorado’s New Energy Future and as Co-Chair of Governor-elect Bill Ritter’s energy policy transition team. Michael serves on the Board of Directors. He served as a steering committee member of the Colorado Climate Action Plan and the National Leadership Summit for a Sustainable America and as a contributing expert to the Advisory Committee of the Presidential Climate Action Plan.

KBKent Bullard – Kent began fleet biodiesel use with the National Park Service in 2000, has personally used biodiesel since 2001 and co-founded the Los Angeles Biodiesel Coop in 2006 to implement and support local biodiesel programs. He has long advocated for locally produced biodiesel from local resources. His technical expertise and quality assurance is a great benefit to the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance.


JK-bioJim Kleinschmit – Jim works with businesses and organizations on sustainable agricultural, food and energy solutions through Kleinschmit Consulting LLC, and is a senior adviser for the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) on Climate and Energy Initiatives. Raised on a family farm in Nebraska, Jim has spent most of the past 20 years promoting regenerative and organic farming systems, sustainable biofuels and bioplastics, and integrated rural development strategies. Serving on the SBA Board of Directors since 2007, he provides agricultural, standards, and policy expertise.

RvW-BioDr. Randall von Wedel – Randall is the founder and Principal Biochemist for CytoCulture International, an environmental laboratory and consulting firm on the San Francisco Bay. More recently he also created the BioSolar Group of technical consultants working to develop renewable fuel strategies for corporations and government fleets. Dr. von Wedel pioneered environmental research (including the first marine toxicology studies ever performed on biodiesel), marketing and distribution of biodiesel in the Bay Area since his tests were conducted nearly 15 years ago in 1993.

TYSONTyson Keever is President of SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel overseeing all aspects of SeQuential Pacific including operations, fuel production, staff and customer relations.  Tyson has spent the majority of his career focused on developing biodiesel in the Pacific Northwest. Through his work with both SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel and SeQuential Biofuels, he has helped build the largest biodiesel retail fueling network in the region. Additionally, Tyson led the development of a cooking oil collection and recycling division for SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel that now recycles cooking oil for more than 7,000 restaurants, businesses, hospitals and schools. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon, and holds a BA in planning, public policy and management.

JEpicJim Evanoff Jim has been with the National Park Service for the past 32 years. His career has involved working in four other National Parks before coming to Yellowstone in 1988. His work experiences have varied from assisting in wolf reintroduction to spearheading many of the Park’s “greening initiatives”. Jim has managed many of Yellowstone’s environmental programs and provided guidance to many other national parks for achieving sound environmental stewardship. For the past eighteen years, Jim has been instrumental in demonstrating and promoting the use of renewable alternative fuels in Yellowstone. Since that time, he has advanced the use of these fuels to dozens of other national park units across the country. Additionally, Jim is the advisor for the greater Yellowstone/Teton Clean Energy Coalition, which encompasses over 10 million acres in the greater Yellowstone area, the last intact ecosystem left in the northern hemisphere. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin.

SBA Advisory Council

holmberg-finalBill Holmberg– Mr.Holmberg graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, and holds advanced degrees in Personnel Administration, Soviet Affairs and the Russian Language. He served for twenty-one years in the Marine Corps, nineteen of which were as an officer, and retired well decorated. Bill brings an additional thirteen years of experience in the federal government supporting sustainable agriculture and energy technologies, with a focus on biofuels. While at the EPA, FEO, FEA, and DOE, Bill helped to pioneer the ethanol and biodiesel industries. He retired from the federal government at the Senior Executive Service level. Bill spent an additional twenty-one years in the private sector, managing small businesses and associations relating to biofuels, including the New Uses Council and the Biomass Coordinating Council. He is a founding member of the Sustainable Energy Coalition (SEC), which makes major contributions to the Senate and House Renewable and Energy Efficiency (RE & EE) Caucus. Bill is a member of core group promoting the annual Energy Expos on the Hill in concert with the SEC and the Senate and House RE & EE Caucus. He has been key member of the organizing committee of the Environmental and Clean Energy Inaugural Balls since 1989.

JWR. James Woolsey– Mr. Woolsey is the Venture Partner at Vantage Point Venture Partners and is also the Annenberg Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University; Of Counsel to the law firm of Goodwin Procter; and chairman of the Strategic Advisory Group of Paladin Capital Corporation.  Before he joined VantagePoint in March 2008, Mr. Woolsey was a Partner with Booz Allen Hamilton in McLean, Virginia, specializing in energy and security issues, and prior to that a partner with Shea & Gardner in Washington D.C., specializing in commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution (arbitration and mediation).  He practiced at the firm for 22 years on four different occasions and served five times in the federal government for a total of 12 years, holding Presidential appointments in two Democratic and two Republican administrations.  He served as Director of Central Intelligence (1993-95), Ambassador and Chief Negotiator for the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty in Vienna (1989-91), Delegate at Large (on a part-time basis) to the Strategic Arms Reductions Talks (START) and the Defense and Space Talks in Geneva (1983-86), Under Secretary of the Navy (1977-79), and General Counsel to the U.S. Senate committee on Armed Services (1970-73).  He has served on numerous corporate and non-profit boards.  From time to time he speaks publicly and contributes articles to newspapers and other periodicals on such issues as national security, energy, foreign affairs and intelligence.

Annie-Nelson-BIO-PIC-(FINAL)Annie Nelson – One of the three founders of the SBA, she has been heavily involved in the biodiesel industry as an advocate and user since 2003. Heavily involved with social and environmental causes and organizations, including Farm Aid and Code Pink. Annie lends her voice and influence to the causes of the environment and community development.


DKDr. Dennis Keeney Dennis was the first director of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University. He retired in 2000, and is professor emeritus of Agronomy and Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University. Dennis has published over 140 refereed papers on soil and water quality research, and served on numerous state, federal and international scientific committees and task forces. Dennis is also a Senior Fellow at IATP and the Department of Soil, Air and Water in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences at the University of Minnesota.

JODr. Joe Outlaw – Joe is a Professor and Extension Economist in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M University. He also serves as Co-Director of the Agricultural and Food Policy Center (AFPC) at Texas A&M University. Joe led the team of Texas A&M economists who received awards in excellence for their 2002 farm bill education efforts from the American Agricultural Economics Association, the Southern Agricultural Economics Association, the National Public Policy Education Committee, USDA-FSA, and the Vice Chancellor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M University.

RKRobert King – Bob is the principal founder and president of Pacific Biodiesel, Inc. Bob resides on Maui, where he founded one of the first commercial biodiesel processing plants in the U.S., an operation that also boasts the first retail biodiesel pump in the country. In addition to its own Hawaii-based production facilities, Pacific Biodiesel has built commercial production facilities for clients in Japan, Virginia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Maryland and California. Bob has just been nominated for a second term on the Hawaii State Environmental Council on which he currently serves as Chairman.

LMLarry Mitchell – Larry is the Director of Governmental Affairs with American Corn GrowersAssociation. He is a long time advocate of sustainable farming practices and supporter of community based agriculture. Larry brings expertise in sustainable agriculture and other fields to the Alliance.