2015 Collective Biodiesel Conference News

Jangchub Chorten Stupa of Enlightenment - Crestone, CO

Jangchub Chorten Stupa of Enlightenment – Crestone, CO


The Collective Biodiesel Conference has been the most unique grassroots biodiesel event in the nation annually since 2006. This year’s conference held in conjunction with the Crestone Energy Fair in the remotely beautiful town of Crestone, CO did not disappoint. The theme of the conference was “One Planet, Many Technologies,” and brought together educators, experts and enthusiasts from Biodiesel, Solar, Biogas, Natural Building and others from across North America.

Crestone has a cooperative interest in integrated sustainable energy systems and off-grid living. Many of the residents are focusing on the next step in evolving from just sustaining to regenerating resources within their community. It is in this spirit of regenerative solutions and “all things possible” that ran through the weekend’s workshops and presentations.


Conference Highlights:

Ben Doon from the San Juan Valley gave a presentation on the Costilla County Biodiesel Project that is currently making biodiesel out of locally grown canola seed crops and looking to experiment with other crops that might thrive as feedstock in the high and dry agricultural region.

Keegan Duff, Research Support Scientist with the University of Idaho gave a presentation on the Biodiesel Fuel Education Program at the University.

Doug Renk, Biological Commissioning Engineer with BIOFerm Energy Systems gave a presentation on “Biodiesel and Biogas Synergy.”

Stephen Gomez Ph.D. Chair and Assistant Professor for the Trades, Technology and Sustainability Department at Santa Fe Community College gave a presentation on Supercritical Biodiesel.

John Bush, CBC Board Member and Scott Williams Ph.D. Managing Director, Omaha Biofuels Co-op performed a mini batch and titration Biodiesel 101 demonstration.


Brian Roberts, President of Cowichan Biodiesel Co-op in Vancouver, B.C. gave a follow-up presentation from last years CBC that focused on “marketing Biodiesel directly to the consumer with a high-tech, low cost point of sale system and blending pump station.”

Jeff Rola of Go Bio Co led a roundtable type discussion about the integration of sustainable renewables.

Biodiesel Fuel Education Program at University of Idaho with Keegan Duff

Biodiesel Fuel Education Program at University of Idaho with Keegan Duff


Many other presentations by locals in the community, such as the Institutional Solar Thermal System of the local Charter School designed and presented by Michael Wasserman and a lesson in water/Methanol injection for internal combustion engines by Mechanic Eric Maki.

By mid-Saturday everyone was looking forward to continuing conversations in the park with a cookout, live music and local vendors. Those who stuck around for Sunday’s finale were treated to local home tours and optional field trips to Colorado Reptile Park or Costilla County Biodiesel among others.



Thanks to all the individuals that made this year’s CBC such a success!


Until next year…

Biodiesel 101 with John Bush and Scott Williams

Biodiesel 101 with John Bush and Scott Williams


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