Show Your Thanks for Local BIO!


IMG_3224It’s that time of year again when we take time to give thanks for the good things in our lives. The biodiesel industry is made up of countless awesome individuals that work to bring a local, renewable fuel option to communities nationwide.  It has proven tough to persevere given the setbacks facing the industry this past year.  So, in the spirit of appreciation the SBA is asking our supporters to get online and use social media to show their thanks for locally produced biodiesel in their community.

We hope that through this mass show of thanks we can encourage and fuel the conversation about the importance of community-based, renewable fuel. It is this dialog that will help local biodiesel succeed in communities across the nation.

You can choose from three easy ways to participate:

  1. Take a picture with your local biodiesel provider or business that uses biodiesel and post the pic along with your message and #thankslocalBIO to social media.
  1. Print out one of the provided signs (you can customize or use the simple version) and post a pic of you holding it to social media and tag it #thankslocalBIO.
  1. Use Twitter or Instagram to post your own personal message of thanks and tag the message with #thankslocalBIO (examples below)
  • I’m thankful when I buy fuel it is supporting local business not foreign wars. #thankslocalBIO
  • I’m making cleaner air for my children with local biodiesel. #thankslocalBIO
  • I’m thankful for my local biodiesel producer. #thankslocalBIO

The SBA is thankful for all of the individuals and businesses showing support for local, sustainable biodiesel. By sending a widespread message of thanks we can help these local businesses succeed and keep a local, sustainable alternative to petroleum available for consumers who demand it.

Send your message of thanks online using #thankslocalBIO today!



SBAadminShow Your Thanks for Local BIO!